The Advantage of Having an Attorney

A Luxury, or a Necessity?

The Advantage of Having an Attorney: A Luxury, or a Necessity?

Some people, on the very first day after an accident, are on the phone with the insurance adjuster—instead of in their attorney’s office. The adjuster is not a person bound by law to treat the caller fairly, and unbeknownst to the injured person, a whole lot is taking place during the phone call that they are completely unaware of.

Our imaginary caller dutifully answers many a question—accurately and honestly, to the best of his ability. Meanwhile, the trained, expert adjuster, on the other end of the line, follows a scripted, strategic line of questioning whose main purpose is to try to get the caller to say he isn’t hurt, when he is hurt, or to get him to minimize his pain instead of telling a complete and true story. The whole time, the call is most likely being recorded so that his statements can be used against him, if necessary for the insurance company, in the future.

For a person injured in an automobile wreck, hiring an attorney is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. Beyond being a “service of convenience,” having a lawyer represent your personal injury case shields you from many pitfalls that a person who isn’t trained in this area of law wouldn’t be able to avoid—many would not even know the pitfalls exist. The earlier you talk with a lawyer, the sooner the recorded conversations with the adjuster end, and the less they have to use against you.

As soon as you contact Joyce Law Firm, you are set up with a rental vehicle if one is needed, the burden shifts from your shoulders to ours, and we take your place on the phone with the insurance adjuster—we begin the negotiation process for you.