Fresh from the Blog: Dignified Divorce

I have seen a lot of divorces over the course of my life and over the course of my career as a lawyer.  I have learned a lot over the years and my experiences have shaped Joyce Law Firm’s philosophy on family law cases.

So, you or your spouse have decided that a divorce is necessary; what is your next move?  Well, many people seem to assume that it will get ugly, and go looking for the meanest bulldog of a lawyer they can find.  The other party responds in kind.  Suddenly, we have taken one of life’s most emotionally, financially, and spiritually traumatic events and loaded it from both sides with dynamite.  Why would anyone expect a positive outcome from that?  How would anyone expect anything less than serious long-term or permanent damage to familial relationships and trauma to the children?  On top of the tendency for children to think they are responsible for the divorce, and all the other change that comes with divorce, when the divorce gets ugly, the children will likely feel pressure to take sides, and parent/child relationships may experience long term or permanent damage.

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