Bike Wrecks and Injury Claims

Bicycle wreck

Bicycle Wrecks and Injury Claims

Bike wrecks in Arkansas

It’s a great time of year to get your bicycle out and make use of the Greenway or simply bike the roads in Northwest Arkansas.  Plus, riding your bicycle is relatively safe with one study finding an average of only 5 deaths a year resulting from bicycle wrecks in Arkansas.

However, bicycling, especially on public roads, comes with certain risks.  In addition to falls and similar accidents.  Drivers frequently fail to pay enough attention to cyclists.  This results in wrecks between cars and bicycles as well as cyclists getting run off the road.  If you are hit by a car while cycling, the driver’s legal responsibility to pay for your personal injuries and property are similar to if you were in a car wreck.  In both cases, recovery will depend on who was at fault in a wreck and what the damages were.

Likewise, if a driver’s negligence does not result in a car wreck with the bicycle but the cyclist crashes while avoiding the car, the driver is still liable if the cyclist’s wreck was caused by the bad driving.

Proving your bicycle wreck

Since bicycle wrecks can occur without doing much damage to the vehicle and sometimes without the driver even realizing they injured a cyclist, it is important to gather evidence of the wreck.  If there are witnesses, get their statements and contact information.  File a police report and try to remember and include details such as the make, model, and color of the vehicle.  Once you have gathered the initial evidence of the crash, make sure to collect any medical bills or property damage that was caused by the wreck so that you can provide this to your personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney can help you get the recovery you deserve in a personal injury claim

Claims after car wrecks involving bicyclists or pedestrians can be complex, especially if the car did not hit you but you crashed trying to avoid the vehicle.  An attorney experienced in car wrecks and personal injury law can help you negotiate with the driver, their insurance provider, and medical providers.


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