Attorneys Kirk Joyce and Abel Albarran discuss immigration practice and national immigration policy on Univision’s Así Es! Arkansas

Attorneys Kirk Joyce and Abel Albarran were excited for the opportunity to discuss immigration law and policy with Así Es! Arkansas Watch Kirk Joyce and Abel Albarran discuss immigration law and important immigration policy issues such as child separation and deportation: here   Kirk Joyce is a general practice attorney in Northwest Arkansas with experience in...
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Bicycle Wrecks and Injury Claims

Bike wrecks in Arkansas It’s a great time of year to get your bicycle out and make use of the Greenway or simply bike the roads in Northwest Arkansas.  Plus, riding your bicycle is relatively safe with one study finding an average of only 5 deaths a year resulting from bicycle wrecks in Arkansas. However,...
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Proving Negligence in a Car Wreck

After a car wreck, it is important to figure out who was negligent Negligence in a car wreck means: failure to behave in a way that someone of ordinary care would have behaved.  Courts frequently look to whether an action was reasonable under the circumstances.  There are several ways to prove that the other driver...
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