Ignition interlock devices may reduce fatal car wrecks caused by drunk drivers

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Ignition interlock devices may reduce fatal car wrecks caused by drunk drivers

A recent study by Johns Hopkins indicates that interlock devices reduce fatal car wrecks caused by drunk drivers

The 2017 study focused on states that require ignition interlock devices for first-time drunk driving convictions.  The study showed that, in those states, fatal car wrecks caused by drunk drivers went down by 7%.  An ignition interlock device is a device that measures the amount of alcohol in a driver’s system before they start their car.  It is essentially a breathalyzer mounted to your car’s ignition.  Laws requiring ignition interlock devices are becoming more popular.  Twenty states have passed laws requiring these devices since 2005 and there are currently 26 states with similar laws.

Arkansas law regarding car wrecks caused by drunk drivers

Arkansas requires people convicted of a DWI to get an interlock device for 6 months after the first offense.  The period can extend based on factors such as the number of previous offenses if you are convicted again.  Plus, Arkansas law does allow punitive damages in car wrecks caused by drunk drivers.  This means that, in addition to your usual recovery, you can seek additional damages from the driver.  This is because the Arkansas law views drunk driving as an exceptionally troubling problem

What to do if you were in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver

Car wrecks caused by drunk drivers can be more complicated than car wrecks between two sober drivers.  This is because there will be the issue of the criminal investigation and restitution added to the issues of making your civil claim against the driver.  A prosecutor will do much of the work during the criminal prosecution.  However, a car wreck attorney experienced in personal injury law can help you collect the necessary information to prove your restitution claim.  Restitution is the amount of your actual damages that the prosecutor can ask for in a criminal case.  Further, the car wreck attorney can continue to help you during the civil case.  Contact an experienced car wreck and personal injury attorney early in your case so that they can start collecting evidence to support your car wreck claim.


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