Car wreck deaths before modern safety devices

car wreck deaths

Car wreck deaths before modern safety devices

Car wreck deaths before design reform

Before the mid-60’s, when President Lyndon Johnson signed several bills into law that revolutionized how the auto industry was regulated, car wrecks were far more dangerous.  In fact, car wreck deaths have dropped by 80 percent in the last 50 years.  Before the 60’s, car wrecks were blamed on drivers and not car design or safety.  Cars at the time had features such as plate glass windows and steering columns that did not collapse under pressure.  This meant that many car wreck deaths were caused by glass lacerations and the steering column pummeling or impaling drivers.

Car wreck deaths after the reforms of the mid-60’s

After laws were passed regulating safety in the auto industry, car wreck deaths began to decline.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was created to enforce the laws regulating car safety.  Specialized glass for windshields reduced cuts, seat-belts were improved, and steering columns now collapse to prevent severe harm to the driver.  It is amazing what cars can protect drivers from now.

What to do if you or a loved one is involved in a fatal car wreck

If you or a loved one is involved in a fatal car wreck, you should consult a car wreck attorney immediately.  Some car wreck claims can be handled alone.  However, fatal car wrecks are far more complicated than a wreck where no one is killed.  The potential damages are higher which increases the likelihood the case will go to trial.  Further, there may be severe criminal charges involved depending on the cause of the wreck.  Further, an attorney will probably be necessary to represent the interests of the deceased.  Contact an attorney immediately if you need to consult regarding a fatal car wreck.


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