Some barriers to being fully compensated after a car wreck

car wreck compensation

Some barriers to being fully compensated after a car wreck

How to make sure you are fully compensated for your car wreck damage and personal injuries

Making sure that you or your family member is fully compensated can be difficult.  This article will cover some of the reasons you might have trouble getting compensated for damage and injuries after a car wreck.  You may need to contact an attorney who has experience in car accident and personal injury cases.

Make sure you have sufficient car wreck insurance coverage

If your insurance coverage only covers very small amounts of damage and injury costs resulting from car wrecks, there may not be much a lawyer can do.  Full coverage insurance policies are something every driver should have.  Drivers should strongly consider purchasing more than the minimum insurance coverage.  This includes coverage types like personal injury protection, and uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage.  We have found that it is common for vehicle damage and medical bills for personal injuries to reach the six-figure range in serious car accidents.  So, make sure your insurance is up to date and adequate.

The first insurance offer is usually not the best offer

Insurance companies provide a valuable service.  However, they are still in business to make profit.  So, expect the first offer from your insurance company to be lower than what your injuries and damage are potentially worth.  Also, the first offer frequently comes before people who were injured in a car wreck know what the full cost of their injuries will be.  This leads to our next tip.

Do not talk with the other driver’s insurance companies – call a lawyer

Many clients reduce their chances of a full recovery by talking to the other driver’s insurance company too soon after a car wreck.  Clients discuss details such as their current medical bills and injuries before their personal injuries have been fully evaluated or treated.  This can lead to offers that are based on incomplete information.

Negotiating car wreck claims without a lawyer

It is possible to handle an insurance claim for car wreck damages or personal injury claim without an attorney.  However, an attorney who is experienced in negotiating with car insurance companies and medical providers will likely have a much better understanding of the insurance claim process and the value of your case.

The damage or injuries are minimal

In some cases, there may not be enough damage to make a law suit practical.  For example, your car may have only suffered a couple hundred dollars in damage and you may not have been injured.  In these cases, hiring a car wreck lawyer or filing a lawsuit may not be practical.  However, even “fender benders” can result in substantial damage to the vehicle and can result in personal injuries to the drivers.  You should at least consult with an experienced car wreck lawyer even if the car wreck was not severe.


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