Make a car wreck claim more effective with pictures

make a car wreck claim

Make a car wreck claim more effective with pictures

Take plenty of pictures when preparing to make a car wreck claim

Pictures can be important evidence of vehicle damage and injuries after a car wreck.  Make a car wreck claim more effective by taking pictures of the damage.  Take pictures of the damage to the vehicle and of any injuries you may have.  Try to include any potential witnesses in the photos.

Here are a couple tips to help you take pictures to make a car wreck claim:

  • Take plenty of pictures of the wreck and from different angles.
  • Use a camera with good picture quality. Most newer smart phone cameras will work.
  • Get pictures of the wreck from nearby and at a distance.
  • Take notes about what you took pictures of up close so you can remember later.

Contact a car wreck or personal injury attorney to help you make a car wreck claim

It can be difficult to make a car wreck claim by yourself.  If you feel you need assistance filing a car wreck claim, negotiating with the insurance company, or if your claim might go to trial; contact an experienced car wreck attorney.  An experienced car wreck attorney can make the process easier for you and help you recover for your damage and injuries.  Not to mention, a research group funded by the insurance industry found that people represented by an attorney recovered 3.5 times more in their claims than those who were unrepresented.


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