Notice of a medical lien after a car wreck

Medical Lien After a Car Wreck

Notice of a medical lien after a car wreck

Why you received a medical lien after a car wreck:

It can be frightening to receive a notice of a medical lien after a car wreck.  However, in most cases, it’s nothing to be worried about.  Hospitals and doctors will often file medical liens while fault and payments for car wreck injuries are being disputed.  Even if you were not at fault, the hospital likely sent you the lien because you were the person they treated.  The lien just means that the medial provider is placing itself in line to be paid before others whenever the at-fault driver or their insurance company makes a payment for your injuries.

Medical liens are another reason that it is a good idea to have an attorney.  They are just something else that an experienced accident/injury attorney knows how to deal with, and letting your attorney deal with them will save you some headaches and help you stay focused on recovering from your injuries.

What should you do when you receive notice of a medical lien after a car wreck?

If you receive notice of a medical lien after a car wreck, you should inform your attorney and provide them with a copy of the lien.  An experienced car wreck or personal injury attorney will know whether the lien needs to be addressed and if the lien is valid.  Arkansas law has specific requirements for medical liens before a court will find them valid and your attorney will need to look at your lien in particular to know for sure.

Other Papers and Liens after a Car Wreck:

Make sure to keep track of other papers and liens after a car wreck.  These can be quite important for resolving payment disputes.  Documents from a court or the other driver may need to be responded to within a certain amount of time.  So, make sure to keep your car wreck or personal injury attorney informed about the documents you receive related to your car wreck or personal injury claim.


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