Wet Weather Car Accidents

Wet pavement causes car accidents

Wet Weather Car Accidents

Wet Weather Causes Car Accidents

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), there are over 5,748,000 vehicle crashes each year.  The DOT says that 22% of these crashes are weather related.  Wet weather is the cause of these accidents (74% on wet pavement and 46% during rainfall).  In fact, the same report indicates that snow and ice are involved in only 30% percent of weather related accidents.

Wet Weather increases Both Accidents and Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “…nearly 6,000 people are killed and over 445,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes each year.”  The data indicate that 19% of all car accident injuries and 16% of all car accident deaths are weather related.  Of those weather related injuries and deaths, 80% of the injuries involved wet pavement and 77% of the deaths.  Also, 52% of the weather-related crash injuries happened during rain and 47% of the deaths happened during rain.

As you can see, there is overlap in the numbers.  Obviously, rain is going to cause wet pavement.  So, the statistics go together.  The clear takeaway is that wet-weather increases the chances of accidents and injuries.

Why wet-weather causes accidents and injuries

Here are a few reasons why wet weather causes accidents and injuries:

  • Reduced visibility
  • Decreased traction
  • Reduced breaking speed

Rain reduces your tires’ ability to grip the road.  This increases the time you need to break in order to avoid a car accident.  Plus, there is the chance of hydroplaning.

How to avoid weather-related accidents and injuries

AAA has some tips for avoiding accidents in wet conditions.

  • Avoid cruise control.
  • Slow down and leave room for other drivers.
  • If you start to skid, don’t panic, continue to steer the vehicle, and avoid slamming the breaks.

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